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5 Steps To List Your Basement Successfully on AirBnB

Here’s a step by step guide to listing your basement on AirBnB.. 

Venturing into Airbnb or other short-term rental platforms can be a game-changer for homeowners, especially in Calgary, where rising interest rates are reshaping the rental landscape. If you’re thinking of using that basement of yours to earn some extra cash, we’ve got your back!

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1. Get It Right, Get It Legal:

 First things first, ensure you’ve got a legal suite that’s fit for listing on Airbnb.

2. Setting Up Your Airbnb Listing: 

Hop onto and look for the ‘Become a host’ option. You’ll be asked to categorize your basement, describe its type (like a private room or entire place), provide an address, and mention the number of guests it can hold.

3. Make Your Listing Pop: 

Photos & Descriptions Your visuals make the first impression! Ensure your top three photos are top-notch, highlighting the uniqueness of your basement. Give your listing a catchy name within 50 characters and sum it up with a description that’s both concise and captivating.

4. Setting The Price Right:

 Unsure about pricing? Airbnb’s got you covered with its smart pricing suggestions. For starters, consider a slightly lower rate to attract initial guests. And hey, why not offer a 20% discount to your first three guests? Down the line, you can explore dynamic pricing tools for optimized rates.

5. Listing Ready To Go Live:

Crafted your listing? A few final touches, and you’re ready to press that ‘publish’ button. Remember, perfection is an evolving journey; you can always edit later.

Ensure your top three photos are top-notch, highlighting the uniqueness of your basement. Give your listing a catchy name within 50 characters.

6. Post-Listing Essentials

Booking Settings: Dive into Airbnb’s standard guest requirements. Set clear house rules and mention essentials like parking or pet policies.

Calendar Settings: Choose when you’re hosting, set up your booking windows, and ensure you update your calendar regularly.

A golden tip before I end this. Always be honest. 

Presenting your property authentically avoids mismatches in guest expectations. Airbnb’s “Book with Confidence Guarantee” reinforces this. But while you’re honest, don’t forget to show your place in its best light!

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Looking to join the Airbnb community in Calgary? Start with our comprehensive guide. Happy hosting! 

Would you like to turn your basement into a legal suite for rental? Book a free quote today. We only have a limited number of basements we can work on at a time so don’t delay. 

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